Reasons to Rent A Watch #1: Try before you Buy

The auto industry got it right. No one buys a car without test driving it first. Yes, often the test drive is just driving around the dealership with a pesky salesman, but it’s a test nonetheless. 

Luxury watches can cost more than a car. It’s unfathomable that most luxury watch brands don’t offer this option. Luxury watch purchasers are only entitled to a few glances in the shop window and perhaps strapping it on to their wrist for a few moments to test out the look and feel. How does that make sense? 

There are 5 main reasons why you should rent or test drive your watch before you buy it 

   1. See how it feels on your wrist

Not all watches are created equal. You want to make sure your luxury watch feels just right as you do wear all the time. Some like a heavier watch, others prefer the “barely there” feel.  You need to make sure the band or strap is right for you. This isn’t a feeling you are able to get from trying it on for just a few moments, you need to try it out as part of your daily routine to get the real wrist feel.

   2. Take notice of Compliments or Criticism

Often in life, we are not the best judge of our own decisions or actions. So we turn to our partner, siblings, parents or friends for advice. This is why we recommend renting a watch before you decide to buy it. Wear it around, show it to people whose opinions you trust and let them assist you in this important decision. 

   3. Test it with a range of outfits

 Most people won’t have as many watches as outfits, so it’s important to choose a watch that works with your wardrobe.  Accessories need to be coordinated in order to enhance your outfit. Watches can be carefully matched to a range of looks. By renting a watch for a few weeks to month you are able to see if the watch works with your style. 

   4. No More Buyers Remorse

This is a big one. Buyer’s remorse; the feeling of regret for having spent money on something you come to undervalue. It’s real and excruciating to live with. With luxury watches, this feeling is typically unavoidable. We don’t like to admit it, but it is there, gnawing away at our consciences. So why not try the watch first to make sure you love everything about it - the look, the feel, the price. 

   5. Boredom Vs Excitement

This ties in with buyers’ remorse, but it’s more about the emotional than economic perspective. Let’s be honest, us humans simply get bored with the things we have. Your watch must excite you whenever you put it on. You must be enraptured by its look, movements, the way it feels and makes you feel. Renting a watch will allow you this grace period before getting bored, before it’s too late.


There you have it, our five reasons why you should test drive a watch before you buy it. If you would like to find out more about what Helvetia has to offer, please click here. 

Remember to check in soon for the next reason to rent your watch - “renting - for the watch enthusiast”.  


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