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"Say Hello to Australia's First Luxury Watch Rental Service"

...Procuring a luxury watch, either to mark a special occasion or as a particularly special present to yourself, has for decades been a matter of saving your pennies for a big one-off investment or rummaging through your local thrift store in the hope that you might stumble across a vintage piece that an unassuming charity worker didn't recognise.

....Helvetia is the first Australian company to bring luxury timepiece rental Down Under, offering clients not only the chance to try a bunch of different timepieces on a rotating basis to suit their style, but to do so at a rate that's simply more affordable than dropping four or five figures on a timepiece that you're then stuck with.

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"Rent a Rolex Submariner now for $299 a month - will luxury watch rentals ever take off?"

“One of the best things about my job is changing watches, I love it!” ... “I really wanted to provide that experience to everyone. That’s where all this was born.”

...“Coming from a watch retail background, I have seen so many people buy a watch from the shop, and a few months later realise that it’s not the watch for them. By then, they’ve paid full retail, tried to sell it on the used market and often found it’s not worth what they paid.”

...Nevertheless, I suspect this is a trend that’ll only gain momentum in the coming years. In the future it may prove necessary to rewrite the watch world’s most iconic ad: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You just rent one for a bit then swap it for a Hublot.”

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"Helvetia: Australia's First Luxury Watch Subscription Service"

...The benefits of renting vs owning are numerous. Perhaps you’re the try-before-buy kind of person; perhaps you’re just indecisive and like having some options; perhaps you only need something for a certain occasion. Whatever the case, it’s here, it’s ready for use, and it also looks fairly promising.

How does it all work? Simply browse Helvetia’s extensive collection and pick the timepiece(s) that tickle your fancy. Subscribe to a membership plan which correlates to its classification (Silver Collection, Gold Collection, Platinum Collection) – and receive your first watch for 3 months. After that period is over, return it, and receive your next selection.

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"Australia's First Luxury Watch Rentals Service Is here to Help you Look the Part:

... Investing in a watch is a process. Dedicated research, years of saving, and finally hunting for ‘the one’ sure takes time, nevermind the painful decision-making and fear of regret in one’s choice down the line.

For many, purchasing a timepiece is a one-off, lifelong decision. Perhaps some will be fortunate enough to garner a small collection over a number of years to be passed down through generations. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Founded in 2017, Helvetia is Australia’s first luxury watch rental service. The platform allows users to ‘borrow’ high-end timepieces for three months at a time, before switching the piece out for a different one — simultaneously keeping the wardrobe fresh and the costs down.

Even more exciting, Helvetia reveals a new Platinum category is soon to drop on the site.

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