How does it work?

Helvetia is a subscription-based luxury watch rental service. 

We also Offer 1-Month Rental options (see below).

We offer two subscription classes: (1) our Silver Class Collection - $99/month (2) our Gold Class - $299/month.

Subscribing to a class gives you access to all the models within that range. Click here to view our pricing structure.

Signing up is simple! You can watch the Explainer Video here


or click on our Apply Now link, then choose your level of subscription and preferred watch styles.


Once we receive your application, you will be contacted and notified about any further documentation we may require and if a deposit is necessary (Gold Collection only).

Kindly make us aware of your watch preferences and we will do our best to reserve these models for you. If the watch you want is out with another subscriber, we will place you on the waitlist until they become free. Our team will show you similar watches style in stock until then. We won't send any watches to you without your approval.

We now offer one month watch rentals! These can be useful for weddings, graduations, dinners etc.
Having the watch for a month provides an ample timeframe to receive and enjoy the the watch, as well as enough of time to enjoy your timepiece after your special day as well; no rush to ship it back the morning after.

For any further questions please visit our FAQ Page or Contact us with your inquiries.